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"Thanks for the hard work Lisa, the strategy looks sound," Alex said to the brunette on the screen.

"Gerard, what do you think?" he then asked, shifting his attention to the male face in the adjacent window.

"I agree. It's ready."

For some reason Alex couldn't break the habit of addressing the faces directly when he spoke to them, like they were really there on the screen. Of course, he knew the camera was built into the top of the iMac. But it felt unnatural to look at it when speaking, so he probably looked funny to those on the video conference as his eyes would have been looking down all the time. Although to be fair, his two team members were doing the same thing.

"Good," he continued, "let's all read the matrix one last time just to make sure we haven't missed anything obvious for Monday's pitch. Then we can actually enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend."

He clicked on the document in question and it came back to the foreground, filling more than half of the large screen and hiding the video conference windows. Scrolling down he found the matrix in question and started reading. But it wasn't long until his attention was diverted by an alluring French accent drifting in from the hallway.

"Coucou, I'm back..." came the female voice. "...Hello?..."

"Oh, hey Sweetie, I'm in the office," he distractedly called out.

And a few moments later Alex heard footsteps and received a sweaty peck on the cheek.

"Good run?"

"Trop bien," the gorgeous blonde nodded, still huffing a little from the exertion. "Is the little one napping?"


"And the big one?"

"Upstairs at Ben's," he answered, before refocusing on his work. "Sorry, I just need 15 more minutes to finish this. Then I'm all yours."

"Bien sure," Sophie smiled, giving his broad shoulders a squeeze and glancing briefly at the strategy document in front of him, thankful that it wasn't her Saturday being eaten into by boring work.

Then she left him to get on with it and glided over to the wardrobe, opening the door quietly so as not to further disturb his concentration. For the home office was more than just that. In fact, it was actually a guest room with a desk. And the large built in wardrobe doubled as Sophie's overflow closet. It was therefore entirely normal for Sophie to stand there, checking herself out in front of the full-length mirror which was on the inside door. And without a reason to hesitate, she swiftly removed her bright lycra running outfit and flung the various bits onto the day bed, ready to carry out one of her regular self-inspections.

Turning side to side she grabbed and poked areas of flesh across her 5'7 frame. Thighs, arms, bum and tum. Everything got checked out. And, as with the last assessment, she was content that things were still firm and where they should be. For despite being in her early-thirties, her slim athletic body wouldn't have been out of place in a university locker room. And if you didn't already know she had two young kids, you would never have guessed it from her narrow hips and flat stomach. All thanks to a careful diet, regular exercise, and good French genes.

"I'm going to head into the shower Cheri. If you finish before I'm done...feel free to join me!"

That got his attention, and Alex turned just in time to see her naked body saunter temptingly out of the room. But the images of her soaping in the shower were suddenly interrupted by the realization that Lisa and Gerard were still online!

Quickly minimizing the document, he saw them absorbed in their own screens. But had they been concentrating on the document, or had they just seen his wife get naked? He looked at his juniors more closely. They were 100% focused. Almost unnaturally so. And he could have sworn that Lisa was blushing. Or was he just reading too much into it? Either way, the turn of events was enough to make his shorts uncomfortably full.


Later that night, as they lay on the bed reading, Alex explained what had happened.

"You mean to say your colleagues were watching online when I changed out of my running outfit?" Sophie repeated in surprise, putting down her book.

"I assume so."

"And they saw me get naked?"

"Quite possibly," he grinned.

" don't seem too upset about it!" she accused, ribbing him.

And she was right. In fact, he was far from being upset as he pictured the scene. His unaware wife's hot body fully exposed to the ogling juniors. And whilst Alex knew that a husband was meant to be protective. He couldn't help picturing Sophie being the centerpiece of a sordid orgy. Engaging in a hungry 69 with Lisa as Gerard savagely fucked her tight...

"Alex? Aaaaalex?"

"...Sorry," he shook his head, coming back to reality. "...are you upset about what happened?"

"That's not the point."

"Of course it is. That's exactly the point," he countered, rolling onto his side, facing her, "Would you have stopped yourself if you had known they were watching?"

Sophie huffed, crossing her arms defensively. But they both knew it was a forced act. That her traditional bourgeois values increasingly didn't apply in the bedroom. And sensing as much, Alex pressed on, feeding the beast that he knew was lurking just beneath her prim façade.

"Would you have deprived them the sight of your gorgeous body," he pushed, reaching out to uncross her arms.

"Would you have kept yourself all covered up?" he baited, lightly mapping her contours through the thin cotton pajamas.

"Would you have deprived them, and yourself, such pleasure?" he whispered, his fingers lingering, tickling and kneading with intent.

"Hmm," Sophie purred, unable to resist the primal needs that were being stroked.

"Who was watching anyway?" she asked, her imagination firing up.

"Junior analysts from a different department. You wouldn't know them as they are based somewhere in the mid-west, hence the online chat,"

"Hmm..." she tingled, increasingly aroused by her husband's attention and the thought of spying voyeurs seeing her most private parts. "And how many people were watching?"

"Only two this time. There was meant to be another guy, but he had already logged off. Why? Would you have preferred a bigger audience?"

She giggled and looked into her husband's lustful eyes, a flirtatious sparkle in her own. His offhand remark about 'this time' hadn't gone unnoticed, and she shivered at the implications.

"Do you think they liked what they saw?" she asked, battering her eyelids with a playful faux modesty. Knowing that the shy act would get her husband going.

And indeed, he reacted immediately. Easing into a sitting position, muscles suddenly taught with anticipation.

"I don't know. What exactly did they see?"

"Well," she said bashfully, "I took my top off."

"Really?" He exhaled.

Staring impatiently as he studied the rise and fall of her heaving chest. Like it was a prize he had never seen before. The erect nipples poking teasingly against the ever so slightly transparent cotton, begging to be freed. And putting himself in his colleague's shoes, he could understand their desperation to see more.

"Show me."

Sophie squirmed almost imperceptibility into the sheets, feeding the growing itch in her loins. And, still pretending to be reluctant, she cautiously popped the pajama top buttons. Drawing out the moment as they went one by one. Enjoying the suspense and build up. Her need to show them as pressing as his need to see them. Until, with all the buttons undone, she nervously brushed the cotton material to the side and moved her hands hesitantly out of the way, like it was the first time she had ever revealed herself to a man.

"Oh my," Alex gushed, "such beautiful tits. My team must have really liked seeing them."

She smiled demurely and looked past her husband. Imaging his work mates there in the room. Watching. Wanting. Wanking.

"Did you like showing them?"

A shy nod as one of her fingers went to her mouth.

"And did you play with them?"

The question was unexpected, and she turned her head from side to side.

"Then play with them for us now."

The blonde lay there with her top open, surprised by how much she wanted to comply. Burning up inside despite the calm veneer. Disappointed that it was only role playing as she briefly sucked the index finger of each hand, before tentatively circling the cute pink areolas with her wet finger tips. Winding herself up. Rolling and pinching the sensitive nipples more confidently, feeding a growing sexual greed. Biting her lip flirtatiously as she craved something harder.

"Did you show them anything else?" came the next salacious question.

Her head moved up and down.

"I...I also removed my leggings...and my underwear," she confessed.

"You naughty little thing. Now be a good girl and show us."

Leaving her erect nipples alone, she looked down her body. Studying how her flexed core and smooth white skin disappeared under the bottoms, knowing what was down there, amazed that such a small thing could be the source of so much desire. Then hooking her thumbs into the elastic, she eased them off. Leaving her vulnerable naked body above the white sheets, like an offering to the Gods of Sex.

"Wow," Alex drooled, studying her fine lines. Noting approvingly that her mound was freshly shaved. "And did you show them more?"

Her pretty little head moved from side to side.

"But you wanted to, I'm sure..."

There was no need for her to say anything. The suggestive grin forming on her lips confirmed what they both knew to be true. And after a moment of suspense, her hands tentatively ran down her naked torso. Trailing over her heaving breasts, flat tummy, delicate hips, and finally lodging themselves between her sensuous thighs. Until, turning her head away like she was embarrassed, she submissively pushed them apart. Fully exposing the pink oasis at the center of her smooth white crotch. The beautiful slit opening up to reveal a cute hooded clit and the entrance to a tiny hole.

"Wow. What a pretty pussy you have," Alex whistled, his nostrils filling with a familiar musk scent as he got up onto his knees, removed his boxers, and gripped his stiff member. "Would you like to show it to them if the opportunity presents itself again?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded, fascinated by the thick cock being stroked over her.

And unable to resist getting off on the fantasy, she reached down and began to rub. Welcoming the idea of her husband's team ogling as she masturbated.

"Yes, that's it," Alex hissed, working his shaft with vigor. "Use that naughty cunt for us."

The wanton blonde didn't need to be encouraged as she worked the wet pussy like a seasoned pro. Indulging her own exhibitionist needs. Her hips gyrating provocatively to the sound of sticky flesh. Her body hostage to pleasure as it constantly sought greater and greater stimulation. Breathless moans increasing in frequency and intensity. A look of deviant pleasure in her eyes. Her hand a blur of movement as she stared at her husband's cock and imaged other men beating themselves off as well.

"I need you inside me," she panted desperately, "I'm close."

But Alex refused. For as much as he wanted to fuck her, watching the hot blonde masturbate so brazenly was even more erotic. Normally she would have been disappointed. But Sophie was also lost in the fantasy, and therefore only too happy to finger fuck herself to an epic orgasm for the imaged crowd. Rubbing hard and fast as her hips convulsed, coating her slick fingers in pussy juice. Then licking them clean as spurts of hot cum covered her unblemished porcelain skin.


"Hi Everyone, thanks for agreeing to a late call," Alex kicked off. "I'm at home as you can see, so you're not the only ones being inconvenienced. Now, let's go through the figures and get this over with as quickly as possible so that we are ready for tomorrow."

Half an hour later, he excused himself for a quick toilet break. Pushing the chair to one side and minimizing the document window before he left. Whereupon he found Sophie pacing anxiously in the bedroom.

"You're up," he whispered excitedly.

Sophie's pulse was racing. Caught between the desire for, and fear of, proceeding. It had all started the night before. Playful banter before bed. Her husband dangling the opportunity of setting up another video conference from home. Jokes about her getting naked again. The temptation of a secret fantasy threatening to be fulfilled leading to amazing sex. But she had thought it was nothing more than kinky banter. Hot foreplay.

So, when her husband had announced over dinner that he had indeed setup a conference call for later in the evening, it was a real shock. Was he serious? Did he really intend for her to get naked in front of his colleagues again, only this time on purpose? Did she really want to do it? Now that it was H hour, and with all these thoughts whirling around her head, she stood paralyzed in uncertainty.

Alex knew they were on a knife edge. And at that critical moment realized just how turned on he was by what was about to happen. He wasn't going to let her back out, but had to play it cool, lest she get spooked.

"Look," he whispered, trying to sound genuine, "You don't have to do it. Honestly. But they are all online. So why don't you just go in there, and if you don't feel it, don't do anything."

She looked at him, seeking guidance from the one man she trusted more than any other. But she should have know better than to seek counsel from a horny male. For he saw her weakness and decided to take advantage.

"Follow my lead and it will work out just fine Sweetie. First, call out my name, like you're looking for me" he instructed in a hushed voice.

She looked at him blankly.

"Say my name!"

"...Alex?..." she hesitated.

"Come one. Louder. They need to hear you. They need to think you are looking for me. Otherwise it won't make sense," he explained.

"Alex!?!" she called out in a loud but uncertain voice.

"Great work. Now go quickly," he insisted quietly but firmly, nudging her into the hallway. "Remember...this is your fantasy. It's now or never. Once in there, pretend to look for me, then go to the wardrobe and change into your pajamas, like it's totally normal. Make sure they see you naked. Then afterwards I will give you a mind blowing orgasm!"

Unable to think for herself, she defaulted to following the instructions which promised to lead to carnal fulfillment.


Slinking into the room she was caught off guard by the lights shining from the sides of the desk, but somehow remembered to do as she was told.

"Alex?" she called out with a shaky voice, feigning surprise to find the desk empty.

But, like it didn't change what had to be done, she shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the wardrobe. All the time trying to act natural and resisting the urge to look at the faces on the screen. Not wanting to give herself away. Wanting to maintain the illusion that it was all an accident, like she had no idea that 'under the document' there were people watching via video conference. Of course, Alex had made sure that the document wasn't blocking anything so that she could see her audience if she wanted. But his team won't know that, giving them a false sense of security.

Her husband had obviously planned the lighting as she was well lit. Not by the bright overhead lights, which would have killed the mood. But by angled desk lamps next to the computer. Ensuring there was enough light, at the right angle, for the performance to be enjoyed. Whilst also maintaining a more intimate vibe.

Already high on nervous adrenaline, her shaking hand reached for the handle. And as the oak paneled door swung open, the reflection on the inside mirror panned across the room, briefly catching three eager faces, sending a shiver of anticipation racing down her spine. And as the mirror settled, she studied the woman in the reflection, trying to look at her through the detached eyes of a stranger. Gorgeous blonde hair. Handsome features. A slim and fit body. She was something to behold. It was easy to understand why they would want to see more, and she decided it wouldn't hurt to oblige them a little.

Sophie watched the hands in the reflection with interest as they grabbed the loose-fitting top, slowly pulled it off, and then dropped it on the floor. Revealing first a toned stomach, and then a sheer white bra. An expensive La Perla model, which turning her bust from side to side, gave a hint of sexy flesh underneath. Deciding it would be cruel to stop there, she gracefully unclipped and discarded the lacy bra, allowing her perky A-cup tits to bounce free.

And there the topless blonde stood, transfixed by the beautiful pink nipples staring back. Mesmerized by how erect they already were. Wondering what her audience was thinking. Wondering if they were as turned on as she.

The then blonde cracked a naughty smile as she ran a manicured finger teasingly beneath her belly button. Knowing there was more to show off. More that might turn them on. And the room held its breath as she reached promisingly for the front of the designer jeans. The sound of the zip deafening in the silence, drawing attention to a hint of white. Concentrating minds on the prize that was within reach. Any sense of uncertainty that Sophie might have felt earlier was gone. Undressing for the online voyeurs was exhilarating. And once the fly was fully open, she winked at the desperate woman in the mirror.

Shifting a little to make sure the desk was directly behind; the blonde leaned forward and began to wiggle out of the well fitted denim. Exaggerating the movement and taking her time, shaking her hips, as bit by delicious bit her perfect rear and toned legs came into view. A petite derrière naked except for a thin band of white, behind which a wrinkled brown star was peeking out into the spotlight. But even that modest cover was soon gone, as Sophie leaned further forward to pull the G-string down her long limbs.

Flashing her naked rear to her husband's colleagues was like a narcotic, casting its spell and pushing her to seek the next high. So, slowly gathering the discarded clothes from the floor, she took the opportunity to separate her legs and stick out her rear. A rush of cool air against her hot slit confirming that everything was on display. Ensuring that her husband's work mates could see her private holes. Then, having collected all the clothes, she straightened back up.

Back in front of the mirror, the shallow breathing blonde staring back had a hunger in her eye. And casting the clothes onto the day bed, she couldn't resist the curves which were calling out to be touched. Tracing sensuously over the smooth white skin. Cupping the breasts and giving them an enjoyable fondle. Caressing the bold mound and dipping provocatively between her legs. Shuddering as a lightning bolt of joy exploded from her buzzing clit.

It was an incredible feeling to know that others were watching. Sure, they had seen her naked already. But this time it was different. This time Sophie knew she was being watched. And instead of being anxious, it made her boil with desire. Desire to show more. Desire to live out the fantasy she had enjoyed with Alex the other night. Desire to give herself completely to the voyeurs.

But her rational side had just enough power left to talk her out of it. Stick to the plan, it reminded. They work under him, it warned. You were only meant to be seen changing, it insisted. And so, reluctantly, she grabbed her pajamas from a shelf, put them on, and quietly exited stage left.


"How did it go?" Alex asked excitedly as she returned to the bedroom.

"Don't take too long..." she teased, removing her pajamas and throwing herself onto the bed. "Or I might just have to take care of myself."

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